Ivory Coast Unveils Factory Which Converts Plastic Waste to Bricks

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Ivory Coast Unveils Factory Which Converts Plastic Waste to Bricks

Ivory Coast is a country famous for producing football stars such as Didier Drogba, Yaya Toure, Nicolas Pepe amidst others but that’s not all. The West African country just unveiled a factory which makes bricks from plastic waste. Quite remarkable.

The factory which is the first of its kind in Africa is being built by Columbian enterprise, Conceptos Plasticos in partnership with UNICEF.

Upon full operation, it is expected to recycle nearly 9,600 tonnes of plastic yearly. These plastic will be used to create bricks, which in turn will be used to build infrastructures needed by the citizens.

Abidjan- the economic capital of the country is estimated to produce more than 280 tonnes of plastic waste daily, only which 5% is recycled. The rest waste ends up in polluting the environment and waterways.

According to Conceptos Plasticos, the bricks which will be made from 100% plastic will be fire resistant, cheaper and lighter. Previous production has proved this type Of bricks last longer than the conventional building materials. In addition, the bricks are easy to assemble, waterproof and well insulated.

The project will address the inadequate number of classrooms in Ivory Coast schools, thereby creating a better world for the students. In addition, the job opportunities offered by the project will help to lift young men and women out of poverty.

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