Our Mission

1. To Report

Millions of people are committed to moving Africa forward.
But how often are we reporting it?

The International Development initiative in Africa seeks to attract increased investment, capital flow and funding; by instilling hope and a renewed faith in Africa through providing an Africa-owned framework and narrative for development. Standing as the continent's media partner and platform to showcase its progress at regional and international levels.

With development feeds that are updated round the clock, and an annual handbook that showcases the impactful initiatives and achievements being made across the continent, we hope to be about to curb social political and economic apathy. Of course, our focus will be on sectors where growth leads to jobs, especially agribusiness, construction, education, financial institutions, health, infrastructure and manufacturing.

2. To Document

The IDIA Project

Our documentary series shows the solutions being provided to tackle prominent issues we face across Africa.

Developed from an informed perspective with real-time facts; we cover inspirational individuals, philanthropic or advocacy agencies, offices of government, and businesses making an impact in various industries or concerning prominent issues.

3. To Give Back

We are passionate about making a difference.
Real impact can only be achieved when there is a focus on sustainability

The International Development Initiative in Africa is committed to three causes; Education, poverty alleviation and empowerment.

Our passion is to give back to various communities across Africa, starting with Nigeria. All our projects lay emphasis on sustainability, to ensure that systems put in place will still run even after the day of the program. For our outreach initiatives, every quarter we will partner with organizations, groups and companies to provide basic needs.