2019, An Eventful Year for Angola Fishery Industry

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December 31, 2019
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2019, An Eventful Year for Angola Fishery Industry

2019 saw the Angolan fishery industry taking strides to become a major industry in the world.

In August, it launched the first underwater scientific research vessel for the conservation and use of oceans, seas and fishing resources.
The $80 million vessels called the ‘Baia Farte’ has the capacity and technology to operate the entire Angola Sea Coast and provide scientific assistance to other neighbouring countries whenever requested.

In late August, Angola hosted the international Fisheries and Aquaculture Fair (FIPEA/ 2019), bringing together over 100 companies in the sector.
The event brought in new project and priority targets for the sector, aiming to provide solutions to existing problems.

It also enabled the promotion and marketing of fish, fishing gear, machinery, low-cost accessories and businesses to provide improved income to ship owners, fish farmers, processors, cooperatives and other relevant bodies in the sector.

In February, the fishery sector through the Fish Products Distributing Company ( Edipesca) started implementing projects from South Korea’s Financing line valued at $57million. The projects are expected to improve fish processing and distribution across the country. It is expected to improve the food processing from 1800 tons/year to 3000/year while also increasing the capacity of fish and cold rooms.

In May, Angola and portugal signed a memorandum of understanding to provide exchange of experience in fishery between both countries. The M.O.U includes the establishment of partnerships in areas such as technical-scientific research and fish processing.

The sector also reported that a total of 14 vessels was seized for illegal fishing activities by the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Inspection Service. This was made possible as a result of Maritime Surveillance and Surveillance under Operation Safe Sea.

The Angola fishery sector also aims to establish the National Fisheries Observers Agency in 2020 to control discharges and improve observation and surveillance of fishing activities in the country.

Culled from www.angop.ao

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