Ethiopia To Build $50 Million Coffee Park To Promote Local Coffee Products

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Ethiopia To Build $50 Million Coffee Park To Promote Local Coffee Products

The Ethiopian government on Tuesday 14th of August, revealed its plan to build a coffee park as part of its plan to promote Ethiopia’s local coffee products to the international market.

The Coffee Park, which will be jointly built by the Ethiopian and South Korean governments, is expected to play an important role in promoting Ethiopia’s coffee to the international community.

Hyiru Nuru, the Market Information and Control Director at the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority, stated that the new coffee park, will have a coffee museum and coffee market center, as well as other facilities and will be completed in three years.

The plan to build $50 million coffee park is part of Country’s grand plan to penetrate the international coffee market through various initiatives.

The Ethiopian government had recently unveiled a new initiative to establish a national umbrella coffee brand to boost the country’s share of coffee export in the international market.

The new initiative, dubbed “Ethiopian Coffee,” is aimed at promoting Ethiopia’s coffee in the global market, according to the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority (ECTA).

The ECTA, which has been developing the new umbrella Ethiopian coffee brand, also said that the initiative would enhance the international presence and image of Ethiopia’s major coffee varieties, such as Yirgacheffe, Harrar, and Sidamo coffee.

Adugna Debella, ECTA’s Director-General, who noted the new brand of Ethiopian Coffee to have “paramount importance for developing the coffee sector,” also stressed that the new initiative would help the East African country to decide and negotiate the price of coffee in the international market.

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