Egypt To Cooperate With China In Manufacturing Electric Cars

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Egypt To Cooperate With China In Manufacturing Electric Cars

Electronic cars are gaining much grounds today, thanks to everyday technological advancements. Apart from its cheap running cost, electric cars promote the use of renewable energy and discourage the use of carbon gases.

So far, many individuals have embraced the idea of electronic cars, forgoing petrol and diesel-run vehicles. The future indeed looks bright for electronic vehicles.

With electronic cars on the verge of a boom, Egypt’s Minister of Public Enterprise, Hisham Tawfik has sought for the cooperatIon Of China to manufacture electric cars, capitalising on China’s experience and technological advancements.

“Egypt has a good starting point to delve into this industry to satiate the domestic market and to export to the global market, benefiting from agreements signed with other countries in this area,” according to Tawfik during a meeting with Chinese Ambassador in Egypt Liao Li Qiang and the Chinese Ministerial Commercial Counsellor Han Bing on Monday

The minister tapped on preparations for his scheduled visit to China in September. Where he will be meeting with representatives of China’s Autos Manufacturing Union and a host of electric autos manufacturing companies to explore the possibility of collaboration.

The Chinese Ambassador in Egypt, Liao Li Qiang, promised his full support and cooperation with Egypt’s public enterprise ministry, commending the progress in relations between the two countries.

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