December 30, 2019

Kenya To Benefit $3.4m US Food Aid

Kenya has been experiencing drought for a while now. This has caused food shortage in some regions across the country. On February 10, 2019, the government […]
December 4, 2019

World Food Programme to Double Emergency Food Aid in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, one of Africa’s most historic country is currently facing one of the world’s most severe food crisis. According to the UN’s World Food Programme(WFP), Zimbabwe […]
November 29, 2019

USAID donates $4.5 Million to Fight Food Insecurity in Malawi

The United States through the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has donated $4.5 million to support 217,000 people facing severe hunger in Malawi. Chikwawa and […]
November 26, 2019

The E.U Provides €3million Emergency Aid to Support Flood Victims at the Horn of Africa

Flooding has been at its peak at the Horn of Africa( Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan) and has seen thousands of people displaced from their […]
November 26, 2019

Japan pledges $2.7 million for food assistance and strong community resilience in Zimbabwe

The Japanese Government has announced the provision of an extra US$2.7 million to the World Food Programme (WFP) in funding for asset creation and food assistance […]
October 14, 2019

UNHCR aids thousands of Congolese refugees returning home from Angola

There have been fightings and crisis in Kasai region of the Democratic Republic Of Congo. This enabled thousands of residents and locals to flee the country […]
October 14, 2019

EU channels further €10 million in humanitarian aid in Mozambique

The European Commission is currently mobilizing an additional €10 million for humanitarian assistance in Mozambique. This assistance will be for those still from the tropical cyclones […]