Zimbabwe Government To Set Up Science Schools For School Students

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October 1, 2019
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Zimbabwe Government To Set Up Science Schools For School Students

Science and Technology are a huge part of every nation. The development of a country largely depends on its passion for science and technology. A country’s economy is largely dependent on his technological strength.

In respect to this, Zimbabwe’s Primary and Education minister, Professor Paul Mavima has decided to build schools solely for science and technology. According to him, Zimbabwe is set to introduce technical high schools and science academies to promote the development of specialized skills in secondary schools.

These specialized schools will be called, The Schools of Excellence and will start operating from next year.

The initial plan is to use the existing schools with adequate infrastructure that can support the technical high schools and science academies. However, the government is set to construct and equips all the other schools in the country.

Minister Mavima said the setting up of the schools of excellence is part of his vision in the world of science and technology.

“The least number of schools we are targeting to start with countrywide is 10 that is one per each province. So far a tentative list has been done and will be shortlisting them soon,” he said.

“Our target schools are existing ones that already have a suitable infrastructure for technical and science learning. These we are going to quickly resource them to facilitate the start of this project. In terms of funding, we are getting a large chunk from the fiscus, but education being everyone’s business parents can also chip in, but entirely the project is a Government thing with no outside source of funding.”

The introduction of the schools of excellence follows the slow death of technical subjects like woodwork, food and nutrition as well as metal work in secondary schools.

Culled from www.herald.co.zw

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