Egypt, Russia to Reinforce Military Cooperation Against Terrorism

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Egypt, Russia to Reinforce Military Cooperation Against Terrorism

Egypt and Russia have agreed to reinforce military cooperations to combat terrorism in the Middle East.

Russia’s defence minister, Sergey Shiogu visited Egypt on Tuesday for a meeting between both countries and was received by Egypt’s president, Abdul Fattah El-Sisi. At the meeting, both countries discussed military and security cooperations.

President El-Sisi highlighted Egypt’s zeal to strengthen ties with Russia especially in the field of security.

Defence minister, Shiogu stressed the need for security cooperations between both countries, if terrorism must be defeated in the Middle East.

Both countries underlined the unity and territorial integrity of regional countries in crisis, especially Syria and Libya.

Shiogu stated that Russia Will help strengthen Egypt’s military capabilities.

“The Egyptian President and Armed Forces Aden the guarantors Of the independent and stable and stable development of the country, curbing the spread of the terrorist threat in North Africa,” Shiogu added.

In recent months, Egypt has been hit by terrorist attacks claiming lives and leaving many injured. This reinforced support comes handy in keeping Egypt safe and secure.

Since President El-Sisi became Egypt’s President in 2015, Egypt ties with Russia has gone stronger. In recent years, President El-Sisi and Russian President Vladimir Putin have developed a friendship.

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