South Sudan’s rivals agree to form unity government by February

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South Sudan’s rivals agree to form unity government by February

There seems to be renewed hope for the people of South Sudan who has been facing series of crisis between the federal government and rebel groups after President Salva Kiir and opposition leader Riek Machar on Tuesday agreed to form a long-delayed unity government in February.

President Kiir met Machar in Juba, the country’s capital to resolve outstanding disputes that prevented the formation of a coalition government in time for the original November 12 deadline.

This delay prompted international concerns that war could resume.

In September 2018, a truce was signed between both groups but this truce hasn’t been honoured. Disagreements linger over territorial boundaries and a commitment to unifying their fighters.

Last month both groups were given another 100 days to honour the agreement, raising fears that there could be a crisis outbreak if they fail to honour it.

Following the latest talks in Juba, Kiir said the pair had agreed to meet the 100-day deadline.

“We said that 100 days we must form the government of national unity. If the arrangements are complete, we shall form a transitional government of National unit up to implement the outstanding issues,” President Kiir told reporters after the talks with Machar.

“The ceasefire will continue to hold and no I one from us is willing to go back to war,” Kiir added.

South Sudan plunged into war in 2013, just two years after it achieved independence from Sudan, after a fall out between Kiir and Machar his former deputy and friend turned foe.

Successive peace deals and mediation bids have failed to achieve a lasting peace for the world’s youngest country. But the 2018 agreement largely paused the bloodshed that left nearly 400,000 South Sudanese dead and forced roughly four million people (one-third of the population) from their homes.

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