Denmark Donates €10 Million to Support African Project

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November 26, 2019
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November 27, 2019
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Denmark Donates €10 Million to Support African Project

Denmark has donated €10 million to support the E.U action in Africa.

The E.U and Denmark signed an agreement for the voluntary contribution of €10 million in Brussels, Belgium. The funds will be provided to the European Fund for Sustainable Development (EFSD) under the EU’s External Investment Plan.

Rasmus Prehn, Denmark’s Minister for Development Cooperation at the contribution said: “Denmark sees the fund as a strong instrument in addressing climate change and the root causes of migration. Our contribution is earmarked for Africa to help deal with its challenges in these two areas. In addition we believe Denmark can offer strong competences for implanting project in areas such as renewable energy, agriculture and green Urban development.”

According to The EU, most of the money will be used in leveraging further investment for sustainable development in Africa particularly the agriculture sector. This is expected to provide job opportunities as well and promote growth in continent. The remaining funds will be used in supporting the External Investment Plan, including its technical assistance activities.

The EU’s Commissioner for International Cooperation, Neven Mimica showed appreciation to Denmark for their contribution. He also expressed confidence collective efforts from EU’s member state will help strengthen the EU’s partnership with Africa.

“With this contribution, Denmark has given a ringing endorsement of the commission’s ability to mobilize investment and maximize impact theory the External Investment Plan. I’m confident that our collective effort will bring the EU’s partnership with Africa to the next level we need for a successful Africa-Europe Alliance,” Commissioner Mimica said.

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